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Goedemorgen allemaal!

Gister ben ik samen met een vriendin een dagje naar de dierentuin geweest, we hadden beide onze camera mee & aardig wat plaatjes geschoten! Ik wilde er een aantal met jullie delen.

De giraffes waren allemaal erg nieuwschierig, ze kwamen heel dichtbij. Leuk om te zien!


Ondanks het regenachtige weer was het super gezellig & hebben we leuke foto's kunnen maken, we eindigde de dag bij Starbucks!

Liefs, Lisa xx

Photography | Dagje dierentuin.

Hi guys,

It's time to share a few photo's again.
walked through nature with my dad, it was a beautiful winterwonderland!

photography | Winterwonderland


Goodbye Christmas, goodbye christmastree, goodbye fairylight. It´s January, time to take off all the christmas stuff and re-decorate my room.

Home | Back to normal


Made breakfast already? No? Good! Because I have 3 delicious recipes for you.

Since a few months I´m trying to change my lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle, I go to the gym and eat healthy. That´s why I love to start the day with a healthy, delicious breakfast.

Healthy | 3x Breakfast

3...2...1... Happy New Yeaaaaarr !! <3

Today I'm sharing my photo's of New Years Eve..

Photography | New Years Eve

It's a new day, it's a new year.. !

A new year means making new memories and there are some thing I really want to do next year so let's talk about that today...

My bucketlist for 2017

Woke up, watched through the windows... FOG! Time to make some beautiful photo's!
I jumped on my bike and rode to a beautiful park in Haastrecht, the overgarden.

Photography | De overtuin (Haastrecht)

Hi Guys,

It's a few days after Christmas, a holiday most of us celebrate with family. Normal for some of us but not for all...
That's why SOS Kinderdorpen (SOS Chrildren's villages) and Laura started this tag!

Every child deserves a save and loving home.. SOS Kinderdorpen is a non-profit organization which ensures that children who lost their parents (or about to lose their parents) get a new home.

#SOSfamilytag | 10 questions about my family


Hands up if you're also watching a lot of (christmas) movies in December! Today I'm sharing my favorite Christmas movies of this year with you.

Favorite Christmas movies.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ev'rywhere you go...!

It's Christmas time!